The DMAN Music Therapy All Stars


Our mission is to better the quality of life of people who face challenges involving spinal cord injury as well as other handicaps. Millions of dollars are putĀ towards research for cures every year but we want to improve lives as they are, through life-changing experiences. We are currently building our assisted travel program as well our plans for a handicap accessible music therapy studio.

The DMAN Foundation stands for Danny’s Miracle Angel Network. It was started by chairman Ziad Kassab after his brother Danny passed away in August 2009. Danny was a affected by spinal cord injury but because of his family’s blessed circumstances they were able to enrich his life and give him the best care he could recieve. Along with this they were able to plan vacations and short trips and experiences that most people in his situation find hard to plan. The quality and richness of Danny’s life is what the DMAN Foundation is trying to bring to all people in his situation.

Danny’s family saw everyday he lived as another miracle. The happiness and passion for life and his interests is not something most people battling a handicap feel. Our mission is to make every day these people have full of life and interest, to have something to look forward to, to wake up the next day excited for what’s in store. So, we are asking our community to support our cause in any way they can and “Be The Miracle”.