Tripp ‘N Dixie


Detroit based, American rock band Tripp ‘n’ Dixie consists of vocalist Rozz Rosales, guitarist Adam Cross, and Katelynn Corll on drums as the heartbeat of the original lineup. Adding guitarist Mike Gonchoroff, bassist Brian Richter, and Conner Williams on keyboards has created a wall of sound that blends old-school classic, and modern rock, into an explosion of sound inspired by the many influences of the members.

Showcasing soulful vocals, fierce dueling guitars, eclectic keyboards, alongside a thunderous drum and bass section, Tripp ‘n’ Dixie begets an irresistible delight in your body and makes you want to get off your feet and groove. Fueled by countless live performances, the guys can play a wide assortment of original music and classic cover songs that get your heart pumping. Imagine Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Rival Sons, and The Parlor Mob all mixed into one tasty Rock n’ Roll stew for your enjoyment.